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Equipping Music Rooms with Furnishings Designed for Musicians

Music education is integrated into all levels of schooling. Early learners play with classroom instruments to experience the sounds each makes. Once in elementary school, students are exposed to recorders, understanding notes and create simple songs. This introduction serves as a springboard for students to explore other areas of music in middle and high school.

Schools typically have special rooms designed accommodate the unique needs for music education whether it is choir groups, school bands or orchestras. Regardless of the music created, several key furnishings are essential to create the ideal environment – acoustical panels, music chairs and stands, risers, storage and music whiteboards.

Acoustical panels help control echoing in a room with too many hard surfaces. This reduction of noise helps students and teachers hear individual instruments better, plus reduces outside noise from entering. Adding rugs and soft seating to a music room will also absorb some of that sound, too.

Seating is another furnishing that is designed for musicians. Music chairs are designed with seat backs at a forward angle to aid breathing while performing. They are also stackable to easily transport between practice rooms and performance areas. Depending on the performance space, more elegant music chairs can be used with cushioned seats in colors that match the school’s decor. To hold sheet music at a height that can be easily seen by a student, adjustable music stands are used. These are also designed to be stackable making it easy to move when needed.

Risers can have varying heights or be flat. Those with varying heights are called choral risers and have up to four levels to ensure clear sight lines between each student and the music teacher. Flat risers, also known as drum risers, elevate drummers so they are at the same level as other band members. All risers are portable so they can be easily moved for performances and available in several sizes.

If instruments are kept in a music room, proper storage is essential to fit the various sized equipment. Choices range from open storage to those that lock for safe keeping while not in use. High school bands also have uniforms that require storage for coats and hats with wider openings and even sheet music storage to keep large bands organized and ready for half-time performances.

Lastly, music whiteboards come equipped with permanent staff lines to help make teaching more efficient. Students can learn notes, write music and follow along with a large visual centerpiece like this. Whiteboards are either wall mount or mobile and are easy to keep clean.

School Outfitters has all these essentials and more to create the music room you envision or to expand what you already have.

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