No matter the space, keep student belongings safe and secure with our selection of traditional school lockers, heavy duty athletic lockers, open preschool lockers and more.
Sturdy steel lockers

Our durable steel lockers provide must-have storage for all student belongings. Available in different sizes and configurations, our lockers are built with heavy-duty steel to withstand everyday use and are backed by an industry-leading five-year warranty. Equipped with coat hooks, ventilated doors and recessed handles for padlocks, these classic lookers keep student items secure and school hallways free of clutter.

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The versatility of lockers in schools, gyms and businesses

Lockers have been a staple in schools for decades. Today, locker use has expanded to include more than middle and high school hallways – early learners use cubby lockers, businesses provide employee lockers, teams store gear in athletic lockers, personal devices are safely stored in cellphone lockers and gym equipment is kept in cage lockers. By design, lockers provide compartment storage in various sizes and styles to suit how it will be used. Material like steel provides extra security, plastic can withstand moisture and wood elevates a lockers appearance.

In the school environment lockers provide far more than a secure place to store personal items. Using lockers in schools promote better health and safety, a level of privacy, time management practice, convenience, a step towards independence and personalization.

For students in middle and high school having a place to store textbooks, sporting gear, lunches and coats is a back saver. With all that students need to carry; a full backpack can cause muscle strain and affect posture. Plus, overfilled backpacks become a safety issue with falling, tripping and inadvertently hitting another student in tight spaces. Lockers provide a safe place to store personal items throughout the day, where students can stop periodically to swap textbooks and grab their lunch. This added convenience also helps students work on their time management between classes, an important life skill to master. Privacy is also created as students can have a designated place to keep their personal items without having them always out in the open. Plus, lockers can be personalized both inside and out, in addition to being a school color like blue, red, yellow or green.

Storing personal devices like cellphones helps eliminate distractions during class. Some schools even provide specific cellphone lockers and laptop storage lockers. Students benefit from less distractions and fear that property might get stolen. But locker use extends beyond schools. Companies provide employee lockers in the form of wall lockers, wardrobe lockers and clear lockers. Fitness gyms provide lockers for their members. These tend to be more upscale, like wood lockers or waterproof plastic lockers. Athletic lockers are ideal for team sports where uniforms and equipment need airing out. These lockers come equipped with perforated doors and sides to keep air flowing through. For sporting equipment, storing items can be easily accommodated with cage lockers in various sizes and styles.

There are also other furnishings used in combination with lockers. Locker room benches help make changing clothes and putting equipment on much easier. Likewise, many styles of preschool lockers come equipped with bench seating to help little ones get situated before and after school. There can also be locker shelving and special locker hooks to hang personal items from.

With all the options available, you can shop with confidence at School Outfitters for your locker needs.

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