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Outfitting school gyms with the right sports equipment and furnishings

Physical activity positively impacts student performance beyond improved mental alertness. Participating in a physical education class, or PE class, also increases metabolism, boosts immune function and lowers stress levels. For these reasons and more gym class is a part of many school curriculums, whether it's preschool, grade school, high school or even college.

Through sports and games, a physical education teacher aims to teach a variety of skills to students in gym class. Many of these skills lay the foundation for healthy habits that will last into adulthood. Students are introduced to both team and individual sports such as basketball, volleyball, tennis and bowling, where techniques and rules are learned while developing essential life skills like self-discipline and communication. In addition to sports, students also participate in activities geared towards developing agility and overall fitness. Popular gym equipment for these exercises include agility rings and poles, scooters, jump ropes, hurdle sets and balance beams, just to name a few. However, the most important discipline cultivated in gym class is teamwork. Students learn to appreciate the value of working together towards a common goal. Cooperation, communication, respect and leadership skills also develop in the process.

Yet, far more goes into PE class than just equipment. The gym itself requires certain furnishings to facilitate the physical nature of sports. It is very common to find basketball hoops, ball carts, bleachers for spectators, team and locker room benches, plus athletic lockers as fixtures in many gyms. Because many gyms also serve as the home court for school teams, other facility amenities like PA systems to announce players and games, seating with folding and stack chairs and storage carts for balls and other equipment can also be found.

Rely on the industry experts at School Outfitters to find all the gym and sports equipment you need for every age level from preschool to high school and beyond.

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