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Nurse's Office
Diversified Woodcrafts First Aid Treatment Bed
Diversified Woodcrafts First Aid Treatment Bed
Learniture Wave Back Vinyl Seat Stack Chair
Learniture Wave Back Vinyl Seat Stack Chair
Hausmann Free-Standing Cabinet Unit w/ Sink
Hausmann Free-Standing Cabinet Unit w/ Sink
Article Nurse's Office
Fast and effective sanitizing

Our exclusive UV wand disinfects everyday items and surfaces in seconds without the use of harsh chemicals. Ideal for high-traffic areas in schools or offices, our UV wand eliminates up to 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses. Its super lightweight design contains no mercury or glass for extra safe handling and a useful life of 50,000 hours, or 10 years.

Connecting healthcare and education through the school nurse's office

The role of the school nurse in today's K-12 educational environment provides a crucial resource that expands to students, teachers, administrators and parents. They are the bridge that connects healthcare and education, oftentimes being the first point of contact when medical needs arise. In addition to providing acute care for scraped knees, bumps and bruises, a school nurse is on hand for emergency medical care, health screening services, immunization monitoring, preventative health measures, addressing behavioral health concerns and promoting a healthy school environment. Their presence in schools plays a critical role in supporting the overall learning success of each student.

A school nurse wears many hats throughout the day. This diverse role means having an office equipped with the right furnishings and supplies to assist the school’s student population, keeping in mind their ages and specific needs. For example, children in preschool may require smaller treatment tables with safety features to prevent falls and open areas for supervision, but older students may need portable room dividers between treatment tables for privacy. However, there are furnishings that are common to all school nurse offices that assist with treatment, storage, personal workspace and seating. These furnishings help determine the layout and flow of the area.

The office must be organized in a way that not only provides adequate workspace, but seating for those waiting to be seen, plus treatment areas. A single school nurse can have the responsibility of overseeing hundreds, if not thousands of students, depending on the state. This requires spacing large enough to accommodate any medical need that may arise with furnishings like treatment beds, file cabinets, exam stools, waste receptacles, partitions and a nurse's desk or workstation. Still, there are the basic first aid supplies like band-aids, thermometers, disposable nitrile gloves and sanitizing equipment stored on medical carts for easy transporting throughout the school and medical cabinets to safely house student medications administered by the nurse.

In addition to all the furniture and equipment, there is a variety of educational material that needs storing and posting throughout the school. These are to teach, inform and remind students of healthy best practices for the body and mind. Topics range from simple signage for proper handwashing to information that addresses topics like bullying, healthy nutrition, exercise and preventing communicable diseases.

When it comes to outfitting the office for your school nurse, you can expect to find exactly what you need at School Outfitters. You can rely on expert assistance from our team of industry professionals to meet the furnishing needs of this unique space.

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