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Library & Media Center
Library & Media Center
Cultivate an environment that appeals to students and invites greater participation in activities outside the classroom with the right furnishings.
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Complete Room Solutions Library Media Center
Learniture Academic Mobile Stack Chair
Academic Mobile Stack Chair
Learniture Shapes Series Curved Mobile Shelving
Shapes Series Curved Mobile Shelving
Learniture Shapes Series II Designer Soft Seating Chair
Shapes Series II Designer Soft Seating Chair
Learniture Structure Series Round Mobile Collaborative Table w/ Whiteboard Top
Structure Series Round Mobile Collaborative Table w/ Whiteboard Top


Furnishings for dynamic
media centers

Power up your media center as a valuable student resource. Furnishings with electric and USB ports keep students connected. Soft seating invites collaborative work and informal discussions. Spacious tables and whiteboard surfaces facilitate brainstorming and team projects. Extensive options to promote a diverse array of activities in your media centers.

Library Spotlight
How Library and Media Centers Have Transformed
to Meet the Needs of Every Learner

The digital age has played a significant role in the evolution of the school library. In many schools, the library can be a centralized hub of continuous activity where it has either transitioned into a combination library and media center or even two separate spaces that are connected. Either way, with current learning styles, gone are the days of whispers and silence in school libraries, where any noise would solicit a quick reprimand by the librarian. In fact, if noise is not heard, school must not be in session.

This transformation requires library furnishings that support collaboration and hands-on learning. Many furnishings are equipped with wheels, giving students and teachers greater flexibility with whiteboards, tables and chairs. Soft seating shapes and sets also provide the same seating flexibility but with added colors, styles and configurations. Many soft seating options even include power outlets and USB ports so laptops, tablets and phones can stay charged, encouraging groups both large and small to stay and work.

The library and media center has also become the place that manages school technology and equipment. These resources include items like charging stations, computer carts, document cameras, printer stands, laptop lockers and digital projectors. Teachers and students can sign out equipment needed for lessons and projects in one centralized place. Study carrels can also be found where students learn to use school technology, complete unfinished assignments or simply work independently.

Library and media centers are designed to blend comfort with movement and have adapted to meet the needs of every learner. Where students have the space to create, build and work, all with the technology they need.


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