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Shop essential facility equipment like entrance mats, trash cans and stanchions to keep your school or business clean, safe and functional.
Durable outdoor trash cans

Long-lasting and weather-resistant trash cans are essential for any outdoor school space or park, and you’ll find just that in our collection. Shop plastic trash cans, plank trash cans, can liners and recycle bins in various shapes and sizes to help keep your outdoor space free of debris.

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School building essentials create efficient and
well-kept learning environments

Schools and businesses require a myriad of facility equipment to operate. These items are often used daily with little notice. Common examples include trash cans and recycling containers, entrance mats, office mailboxes, crowd control stanchions and filing carts. All play a critical role in routine operations by creating greater efficiency and organization, plus improved cleanliness.

Efficiency comes in many forms with school building operations. Take events like home games and open houses where managing the flow of foot traffic is essential. Crowd control stanchions like freestanding retractable belts and gates create a practical means to guide people in an orderly way, minimizing bottlenecks and overcrowding. Another form of facility efficiency is waste management. Strategically placed trash cans, both indoors and out, plus recycling containers for paper, soda cans and plastic make clean up near effortless.

Maintaining an organized facility means faculty and staff have what they need when they need it. Products like office mailboxes ensure important information is distributed from a central location. Filing carts house and deliver essential material throughout the day, keeping everyone in the know. Magazine and literature displays keep school information readily available for visitors and rolled paper racks easily store large reams of paper.

Cleanliness means more than managing trash, though. It means having the right equipment to store personal belongings and minimizing debris brought indoors. Wardrobe cabinets keep items like coats and bags stored and not left lying on chairs and tables. Entrance mats, runners and office rugs protect floors by trapping moisture and dirt, preventing it from being tracked throughout the building.

Given all this, there are still countless other essential items used in school buildings that often get overlooked. Items like wall clocks to keep classes running on time, chair mats and office rugs for administrative spaces, anti-fatigue mats in the cafeteria and paper cutters for school projects. Rely on School Outfitters to make finding everyday facility essentials an easy task.

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