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The array of bulletin board benefits

Almost all buildings have a central location designated for sharing information. This information could be in the form of upcoming events, special announcements, news or notices of best practices for personal hygiene like handwashing. These areas also tend to be highlighted with seasonal themes to help draw the eye. A common fixture in these key areas are bulletin boards. Their unique construction makes them the ideal platform to showcase centralized messages geared to generate interest and serve as friendly reminders.

The most common material used to make bulletin boards is cork. It has incredible self-healing properties that make adding and removing messages easy. As such, tacks, push pins and staples are highly suitable for attaching documents to bulletin boards, all while maintaining the same appearance for years. Other materials, like rubber and vinyl, are also used in bulletin boards. Both rubber and vinyl have properties that function like cork. With this assortment of material used to construct bulletin boards, other names like cork boards, tack boards and pinboards are often used interchangeably when referencing them. Regardless of material or name, all bulletin boards provide the same array of benefits.

In schools, bulletin boards can be found in classrooms, entrances, hallways, cafeterias, common areas and other learning environments. They can be wall-mounted, mobile, enclosed for indoor and outdoor use and even found in rolls or as display rails. Beyond important announcements and news updates, bulletin boards can also be used to exhibit student work, highlight what subject matter is being studied, build a sense of community and convey school pride.

Adding to their incredible versatility, bulletin boards are also available in a variety of sizes and colors. They can also be combined with other board styles like dry erase when written messages are needed. Countless schools and businesses choose bulletin boards as a focal point in community areas and other high traffic areas due to the years of value they provide.

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