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How to select the right school chair for
your students and learning environment

Students in grades K-12 sit approximately 4.5 hours each day. With all this sitting, providing a comfortable chair is beneficial to both the student and teacher. The right school chair allows students to focus on learning, not on finding ways to get comfortable. But what factors and features should be considered when selecting a school chair that maximizes comfort, plus delivers on functionality and durability – all requirements for busy classrooms?

A good school chair will provide a degree of lumbar support with a durable material that has some give. It will also have generous seating dimensions. The most common material used to construct school chairs is soft plastic, or polypropylene, due to its pliability. Its unique properties give "flex" to the front and back of the chair for student movement while still maintaining its product integrity.

A good school chair should also be sized appropriately. The right size will support a healthy posture and help reduce fidgeting. Chair size is measured in inches from the seat to the floor with the student's feet resting flatly on the ground and their knees bent at a 90-degree angle. Preschool chairs range in height from 5 to 8-inches for children as young as one or two years old. Students in grade 6 and up will have 18-inch seat heights. In learning environments that serve a multitude of grade levels adjustable-height chairs are common. Having the option to personalize seat heights ensures every student is comfortable and able to see. Mobility is another factor to consider when selecting the right school chair. Knowing if students will be collaborating in the classroom or if the chairs will be used in other areas of the school helps determine whether mobility is important. Chairs with wheels make group work easy as students can quickly move while in their seats. Opting for stackable chairs makes transporting a much smoother process.

Another factor worth exploring is storage capabilities. School chairs that are designed with a special storage area beneath the seat free up floor space and time spent visiting lockers. Students can keep personal belongings and other school supplies accessible right where they are sitting.

Finally, there is active seating. This type of seating option promotes student movement. Popular choices in active seating include wobble stools, floor rockers, ball chairs and active learning stools. All have bases designed to rock or move to help students release energy and stay focused.

Regardless of the school chair style you choose, most are available in several color options to match any décor. Blue instills calm and is ideal for study areas like libraries. Yellow produces optimism and is used in science labs and high traffic areas like hallways. And red is known for energy and is popular in drama and music learning environments.

School Outfitters has the classroom chairs you're looking for –chairs that maximizes comfort, functionality and durability.

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