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With an unbeatable product selection and enterprise-level
project services, it's no wonder we're an approved vendor on a
variety of school district co-ops and contracts across the
country. It's just another way we make your purchasing
experience hassle-free and affordable.
Members to regional and local school district contracts plus to the national co-op TIPS, BuyBoard and BuyQ can now receive discounts online.
Use co-ops & contracts to:
  • Secure competitive pricing on must-have items
  • Eliminate the hassle of the competitive bidding process
  • Save time researching approved products and vendors
  • Gain expert help from our contract specialists
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National Co-ops
Membership to TIPS is free, with no obligation to purchase. Schools, government agencies and nonprofits in all 50 states are eligible to join. Members get immediate access to competitively procured contracts with quality vendors.
Membership to BuyBoard is free and open to public schools, government agencies and nonprofits in all 50 states. Members gain access to a wide range of contracts and can request pricing on volume needs from multiple quality vendors.
BuyQ is a free program that leverages the combined purchasing power of 4,000+ schools to deliver significant savings and other benefits specifically for charter and private schools.
New! TIPS, BuyBoard and BuyQ members can now receive contract discounts online.
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