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Classroom rugs deliver more value-added benefits
than color and personality

On the surface, one might think a classroom rug only adds color and personality to a space. Yet there are many other reasons to include this versatile furnishing to your learning environment. From buffering classroom noise to catching student stumbles and improving indoor air quality, the value-added benefits of a rug deliver far more than just a splash of color.

With all the options available, educators can truly select a rug that best suits their needs, whether it's bright colors and fun patterns that have an energizing effect or playful themes that encourage learning and play. For example, a kindergarten classroom rug can serve a different purpose than one used in older grades. Students in kindergarten enjoy spending time on the floor reading, playing and learning which is why alphabet rugs, animal rugs and carpet squares are popular choices. In learning spaces that cater to older students, themed rugs can reiterate lessons with world maps, math elements and music symbols.

Many learning environments are typically large, open spaces with a lot of hard surfaces. Noise levels can be quite high in these areas with minimal elements to absorb sound. Classroom rugs are an effective way to help reduce background noise that can be a learning distraction. In addition, rugs add an element of safety and improved air quality. Landing on a hard surface can cause a serious injury but adding a layer of cushion with a rug can lessen the impact. Rugs also improve indoor air quality by trapping particles and preventing them from becoming airborne as they would on hard surfaces. The best classroom rugs earn special certifications for low emissions of chemicals and fire safety ratings.

In high traffic areas, easy cleaning is essential. Many classroom rugs are designed to be machine washable to help maintain healthy learning environments. There are also those that have built-in antimicrobial properties to inhibit the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms between cleanings.

Finally, the size and shape of a particular learning environment will help determine what dimensions are best when selecting a classroom rug. For example, rectangular rugs are a good choice in large classrooms that are the same shape, plus they can carve out more defined spaces like reading corners and computer areas. Round, oval, square and even runner classroom rugs are also popular options worth considering. Softening the sharp corners in a room can be offset by a round or oval rug, plus, both shapes add a unique look. Runners are ideal at classroom entrances, near cubbies and other high traffic areas. Regardless of shape, all rugs are available in solids, patterns, themes and more.

At School Outfitters we want you to shop with complete confidence. We have taken great care to ensure every classroom rug we carry will deliver on the features that matter most you.

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