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Up your school or church performances on our durable, portable stages and risers in all sizes and styles. Don't forget the finishing touches like stage skirting and safety rails.
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Adding value and versatility with portable stages and risers

There are many occasions to use a portable stage, even outside of a school setting. Churches, theaters, convention centers, concert venues, city governments and even businesses use portable stagesfor festivals, celebrations, bands and even company events. Singers, musicians, speakers, award recipients, actors, dancers and entertainers serve as the focal point while on a stage. Their elevated height provides those in the audience with much clearer sightlines. With features that make it easy to transport and customizable sizes, schools, businesses and organizations find investing in a portable stage a great solution

Portable stages range in size from a simple elevated platform to a large, multi-level choral riser. Knowing how the stage will be used plays a large part in determining the size needed. Fortunately, many are designed to be modular so they can be modified as needs change. In addition to selecting stage dimensions, adding tiers is another option to consider. Tiered stages are known as choral risers, or simply risers, and are specifically designed for singing. These stages have staggered heights so performers in the back can be seen and heard the same as those in the front. Each level can be sized to accommodate standing or sitting, hence the name seated risers. These are typically designed with up to four levels in pie, rectangular and bow shapes.

Selecting a portable stage includes more than size and shape. For example, what type of covering should be on the deck? Carpet is a popular choice as it enhances the stage's appearance, plus there are often several color options to choose from. A hardboard deck tends to be more durable and easier to keep clean, whereas a polypropylene deck is water resistant and ideal for outdoor use. Another choice to consider is stage mobility. If the stage will need to be moved a lot, then opting for one equipped with wheels will make transportation much easier.

Modular stages are ideal for those who need a customized set-up. Bases and platforms are available separately in a variety of sizes and shapes. They are also designed to be lightweight, foldable and easy for one person to assemble. Popular stage shapes include quarter circles, triangles and rectangles.

Finally, there are various stage accessories worth considering, too. Items like stage rails, steps, skirting and dollies for transporting. Stage manufacturers make it easy by offering compatible accessories for safety and appearance. Plus, each accessory is also portable, meaning steps can be fitted onto any side of the stage, rails can be moved and guardrails can be added later.

If you are not sure where to begin with your portable stage needs consult with our knowledgeable sales team. They have years of experience to guide you in the right direction.

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