Whether it's school headphones, a powerful PA system or laptop storage carts, you'll find the durable AV equipment and classroom technology you need to keep your workspace up and running.
Profile Series Mobile Storage

Our Profile carts provide durable, on-the-go bin storage for any learning space. Removeable clear bins keep your classroom supplies accessible and organized, while large, nonmarring casters make it easy to move the cart from space to space. Available in several models and with large or small bins, our carts boast heavy-duty steel construction designed to withstand daily classroom use.

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Carts blend function and efficiency to keep schools running smoothly

Teachers, students and support staff require a multitude of supplies, equipment, gear and other materials to keep lessons and events running smoothly throughout the day. Carts are essential piece of school equipment that can quickly and efficiently transport essential items throughout the day. Accompanying all are the multitude of supplies, equipment, gear and other materials needed to instruct and assist both students, teachers, coaches and staff. Carts are an essential piece of school equipment that can fast and efficiently transport these items throughout the day.

School items in need of moving throughout the day can vary in weight, quantity and bulk. These items can include audio visual equipment, balls for gym class, art materials, laptops, food service supplies, extra chairs, library books and so much more. While carts are designed with features specific to the items needing transporting, all have similarities such as wheels for easy maneuvering, handles for guiding and platforms to hold supplies.

The specific features of a cart are conducive to what they are intended to transport. For example, AV carts have multiple shelves to hold equipment, outlets for power and extension cords. Library carts have special shelves that are slanted to keep books from falling out. Food service carts are designed to withstand high heat and moisture. Chair dollies can move stacked school chairs on customized bases. Laptop charging carts can safely house student devices in vented compartments with access to power.

Regardless of the design, school carts keep the momentum going each day. They ensure teachers, students and staff have the supplies and equipment they need for success, and allow the time spent at school to be used on the thing that matters most: learning.

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