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Shop our room dividers and portable partitions in countless configurations and sizes to instantly create the work or learning space you need. You'll even find clear portable partitions and desktop dividers to help keep students distanced.
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Our exclusive collection of table and desktop dividers instantly help protect users against harmful bacteria and viruses. Constructed of clear acrylic and available in different sizes and configurations, our barriers are a cinch to set up and easy to wipe clean. These versatile dividers are ideal for student desks, collaborative workspaces, reception areas, information desks and more.

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Creating more usable space with adaptable room dividers

Room dividers and partitions can instantly transform a space by carving out small or separate areas from open space. Schools, businesses and other organizations use these temporary walls to adapt spaces as needs arise. Schools in particular use these versatile furnishings to create new spaces for ever-changing classroom needs. The array of room divider styles, sizes, colors and features have evolved to accommodate any use, from early learners to those in the health care arena. Many also serve dual purposes with whiteboard surfaces, display panels and even doors.

Regardless of style, color or size there are several features common to all room partitions. The first is wheels. As temporary structures, these panels are equipped with heavy-duty locking casters making them easy to maneuver throughout an area. Even wall-mounted versions have wheels to roll the divider into place. The wheels are also self-leveling to accommodate any flooring inconsistencies. Another feature is storability. Room dividers are designed like accordions with panels that fold into each other to minimize storage requirements. The material used to cover each panel is typically sound absorbing and made of fabric or vinyl that is available in a variety of colors to match any décor. Sizing is also relatively standard, with heights from four-feet for preschool use to as high as eight-feet, and the number of panels extending from one up to 13. Lastly, sets are also equipped with special devices so multiple units can be connected to create a customized configuration. Depending on the manufacturer, some styles offer the option to add whiteboards and doors, too.

Room dividers can also be adapted for specific uses. For example, panels can be clear to allow individuals to see one another yet be protected with a safety barrier. Common applications for this style include healthcare facilities, building entrances and high traffic areas when unobstructed viewing is needed. Another style is free-standing privacy panels. These can be movable walls with attractively designed panels that absorb sound yet permit light through or oversized whiteboard panels. Still others are pre-built into cubicles, providing employees with individual desks that are separated by a divider.

From the simplest of designs to expansive portable walls, room dividers are flexible furnishings that create temporary new spaces within an existing one. To learn more about portable and wall-mount partitions, rely on the industry experts at School Outfitters.

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