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Inclusive school furnishings equipped for special needs students

Inclusivity within our schools means that every student, regardless of ability, participates in learning. This requires providing adaptable furnishings specifically designed to accommodate the needs of those in wheelchairs. This accessibility means tables, desks, workstations and counters have compliant heights, provide adequate knee space, are approachable by design and easy to adjust. These modifications ensure special needs students can maneuver more freely and participate in any learning environment with their peers.

There are several terms used interchangeably when referencing furnishings that can accommodate a wheelchair. Common phrases like ''ADA compliant,'' ''wheelchair accessible'' or ''special needs'' are used to help distinguish from conventional furnishings. It is also important to note that while The American with Disabilities ACT (ADA) of 1990 provides guidelines in furniture design, there is no entity that provides certification for ADA compliance. Any piece of furniture that includes a term like ''ADA compliant'' highlights the manufacturer's design intention and accommodates the needs of those in wheelchairs.

For tables, desks and workstations, being ADA compliant, or wheelchair accessible, ensures various criteria have been met with features like height, width and depth. For example, height guidelines require a range between 28-inches and 34-inches above the floor. There should also be at least 25-inches of depth beneath the worksurface for knee space and a width clearance of at least 30-inches. Many ADA school furnishings are also equipped with adjustable heights to provide a more customized student fit.

At School Outfitters, we carry a variety of furnishings that are wheelchair accessible and ADA compliant. Desks, art tables, science workstations, picnic tables, playground equipment, study carrels, lecterns and even special whiteboards with extended heights. Rely on our experienced sales team to bring wheelchair inclusivity into every learning environment.

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