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Outfit an outdoor learning space that's both fun and functional with our big selection of outdoor furnishings. You'll find lightweight folding chairs and tables for temporary outdoor set ups or heavy-duty picnic tables and benches for more permanent installations. Plus, shop sand tables, mud kitchens, garden beds and more.
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Outdoor ClassRoom
Norwood Commercial Furniture Outdoor/Indoor Enclosed Cork Bulletin Board w/ Two Doors
Norwood Commercial Furniture Outdoor/Indoor Enclosed Cork Bulletin Board w/ Two Doors
Learniture Double-Sided Mobile Magnetic Markerboard
Learniture Double-Sided Mobile Magnetic Markerboard
Norwood Commercial Furniture Round Recycled Plastic Picnic Table w/ Solid Writeable Surface
Norwood Commercial Furniture Round Recycled Plastic Picnic Table w/ Solid Writeable Surface
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Tables designed for outdoor learning

Our smooth top picnic tables are ideal for outdoor classrooms, activities or meals. Constructed of heavy-duty steel or recycled plastic to withstand all weather conditions, our smooth, slat-less picnic tables make writing or working outdoors hassle-free. Our versatile picnic tables accommodate standard outdoor umbrellas to minimize sun exposure and are available in several tabletop and bench colors.

Outfitting Your Outdoor Classrooms with the Right School Furnishings

Outdoor classrooms are the perfect opportunity to blend the benefits of a traditional indoor classroom with the open air and natural environment. With the right school furnishings, outdoor classrooms can be used year-round, plus remain a popular choice when infection control measures are in place.

Schools that transition classes to the outdoors rely on furnishings that are easily portable or have features making them highly durable and weather resistant. Choosing what furnishings are best depends on the type of outdoor school environment. Structures like tents can instantly create an outdoor learning environment, but their construction does not lend itself well to long-term outdoor use. This type of outdoor classroom calls for “temporary” school furniture that’s portable yet flexible, like folding chairs and tables. Likewise, installing more permanent and durable furnishings like park benches and picnic tables makes more sense for outdoor classrooms with permanent features like garden beds, compost bins or greenhouses.

The ultimate design of any outdoor learning space is contingent on the age of the students who will be using it. Early learners can engage with activity panels as part of a playset, run over cedar bridges and explore the many wonders of water and sand using play tables. Older students can build gardens, learn the benefits of composting, study the anatomy of insects and experience the elements of botany. Blending the outdoors with more traditional indoor learning truly creates more unique opportunities for teaching.

For educators, outdoor school can be much easier with teaching essentials that can transition smoothly to the outside. These essentials include items whiteboards, teaching carts and shelf carts, all with durable swivel casters to safely transport educational equipment and material. Dollies are also essential to carry any number of folding chairs and tables to the outdoor learning space.

Other furnishings like trash cans, outdoor signage and storage pieces are popular choices for permanent outdoor classrooms. Managing the litter that accompanies outdoor play and work is to be expected, which is why having adequate trash receptacles will go a long way in daily upkeep. Outdoor trash cans are built to withstand the elements, plus, many have the option to also collect recyclables. . Signs are used to welcome students and teachers to the space, plus serve as reminders for rules of use. Lastly, storage like sheds and storage boxes may be needed to house toys and play equipment, minimizing transporting things inside and out on a daily basis.

The possibilities for outdoor classrooms are limited only by the imagination. It can be a temporary space on the grounds of a school, a field trip to surrounding neighborhoods where students bring classroom supplies or a newly created outdoor oasis in a formally unused green space. Regardless of design, rely on School Outfitters to keep your outdoor learning environment furnished, functional and fun.

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