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Invite people into shared spaces with furnishings that promote post-class discussions, impromptu interactions, or individual focus.
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Complete Room Solutions Hallway Common Area
Learniture Shapes Series II Powered Divider w/ Tabletop
Shapes Series II Powered Divider w/ Tabletop
Learniture Shapes Series II Soft Seating Whiteboard Table - Hex (18" High)
Shapes Series II Soft Seating Whiteboard Table - Hex (18'' High)
Sprogs Shapes Vinyl Soft Seating - CommunEDI
 Shapes Vinyl Soft Seating - CommunEDI
How Common Areas Support Learning
Make every space a
learning space.

Our exclusive brand of K-12 furniture is designed to encourage learning outside the classroom, with furnishings in shared areas like hallways and common areas. Deliberate placement of soft seating with outlets can create an inviting space for work while keeping devices charged.

Common Area Spotlight

Repurposing School Hallways and Common Areas into Functional Spaces

School hallways and common areas can be overlooked as functional spaces. The truth is that these areas can be converted into spaces where students can work collaboratively or independently. Whether a large, open space or narrow hallway, the right furniture can carve out space that students want to use.

Modular soft seating can be customized to fit any sized space. School Outfitters has an extensive collection of soft seating that includes benches, tiered steps, shapes, couches and chairs. Some are equipped with outlets and USB ports so students can charge their devices while working. Round café tables with stools that tuck underneath can give students a place to collaborate in limited spaces. Whiteboard partitions can serve to create more defined spaces where multiple group can work at the same time. Larger activity tables can allow multiple students to spread out and work on larger projects.

Both school hallways and common areas serve as a focal point of communication. Upcoming events can be shared on information boards, visitors can be directed to the main offices and team accomplishments can be displayed in trophy cases. The walls of both can be used to exhibit student work with various forms of art displays, too.

Transforming hallways and common areas into spaces that are both inviting and functional maximizes learning. Students have more options to take their learning beyond the classroom. From the moment a student, teacher or visitor enters the school a culture of learning is evident. No matter how a school is configured, School Outfitters has the furniture and equipment to transform it. Trust the experts to create custom solutions designed to optimize all learning spaces within your school.

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