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Choosing the best whiteboards for your learning environment

Learning environments are the primary hubs of activity in any school, whether it is a classroom, lecture hall, science lab, makerspace, art studio, media center or library collaborative space. Teachers and students gather to participate in lectures, experiments, collaborative work, test taking and other group discussions where important information is shared for the purpose of educating. It can translate into the sharing of ideas, outlining lesson material, problem solving and communicating important reminders like quiz dates and upcoming events. For these reasons, and many more, writeable surfaces are essential resources that range from blackboards and chalkboards to whiteboards in various sizes and styles.

Writing is considered a key component to learning. It has been shown to improve comprehension and critical thinking skills in students. When a writing surface like a whiteboard is used in a learning environment other benefits are realized as well. Teachers enjoy increased student engagement and attention. Their simple design makes cleaning easy and mess-free, plus mistakes can be quickly erased.

It's quite common to hear whiteboards called by other names like markerboards or dry erase boards. Regardless, all are made from coated steel, glass, acrylic or melamine. The most important factor to consider prior to purchasing is how the whiteboard will be used. Knowing this answer will help determine what style, size and material is best. For example, if paperwork will need to be posted then opting for a magnetic board is best. Likewise, if a sleek design is preferred then glass boards make a bold statement.

In terms of style, many learning environments utilize wall-mount whiteboards as a central location to instruct or work from. Mobile whiteboards, on the other hand, offer greater flexibility for use anywhere a board is needed. Plus, most mobile whiteboards are double-sided, giving educators more space to utilize. Other portable whiteboard options are those used in conjunction with easels and those resembling room dividers. An added bonus to whiteboard room dividers are the spaces they carve out while giving separate groups a writeable surface to use.

Other types of whiteboards include those with surfaces that project images, those equipped with staff lines for music class and enclosed boards for indoor or outdoor signage. Sizes can vary greatly, too – from those that fit the entire length of a wall to those sized for use by individual students. And lastly, there are unframed boards. These can be placed in an existing frame or used to update older boards.

The unique functionality of whiteboards makes them a highly versatile resource. With all the options available, finding the best whiteboard for your learning environment has never been easier at School Outfitters.

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