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Transform your classroom, common area or library into a comfortable and collaborative hub with our big collection of lounge and soft seating. Shop everything from cozy floor pillows and colorful foam shapes to structured lounge chairs and café booths.
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Lounge seating builds community with furnishings
that support collaborative and individual work

Lounges are popular areas in offices, school common areas, dorms, dining areas, airports and hotels. Typically, they are intentionally casual environments with plush or upholstered seating. Lounge areas invite employees, students and customers to sit and relax, or work in a space that does not resemble an office, dorm room or other institutional setting. Rather, the space embodies the comfort of home with elements like soft seating sets, furniture equipped with USB ports and curved couches.

What is most unique about this space is the sense of community created using furnishings with distinct design features. These features focus on comfort, flexibility, mobility and access to power. Foam seating comes in a variety of shapes that are not only comfortable, but easy to move for collaboration. Lounge couches and modern lounge chairs with tablet arms promote both group and individual work, while also contributing to this sense of community.

Other common furniture found in lounge areas are tables, seating with charging technology, café booths and banquette seating. For early learners, there is also an entire array of preschool furniture that includes soft foam seating, beanbag chairs and even floor pillows, all in an assortment of bright colors that boost creativity and energy. Pieces are designed to be lightweight for moving and reconfiguring in areas like reading corners and activity stations and run the gamut from cylinders and cubes to s-curves and wedges for countless arrangement options.

The flexibility of lounge furniture in general inspires both independent and collaborative work with adaptable work surfaces like side tables with whiteboards tops. Students can easily gather round and brainstorm ideas, have impromptu study sessions and solve problems without needing paper. Many people prefer to work in lounges because they have amenities that supports today's technology, like seating with built-in electrical outlets or tables with grommets.

Another benefit of this shared space is the opportunity to bring together individuals from different departments, grades, and even hierarchy levels. Students can bump into teachers or counselors for individual attention right on the spot. Lastly, the location of lounges and common areas can be a first impression for visitors. They can express a school or company spirit with bright colors to lift moods or boast sleek, modern designs. Trust the experts at School Outfitters to boost your lounge areas and common spaces with high performance furnishings that invite, inspire and leave a lasting impression.

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