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Leveraging the versatility of school desks for
students and teachers in any learning environment

There are a variety of options available when it comes to the style of school desks. These styles are not limited to student desks, they also include those designed for teachers. Learning environments, grade levels and teaching preferences all play a role in what style is best. However, the key feature to look for in any desk is a suitable work surface. It must be large enough to accommodate classwork, plus adaptable if students will be collaborating.

Understanding the key differences between styles will help determine which school desk and teacher desk is the best fit. Some school desks are equipped with built-in storage, others have wheels or adjust in height. Tablet arm desks are attached to chairs. Similarly, teacher desks styles vary, too – some have single or double pedestals, adjust in height or function as sit-to-stand stations. Others have power strips and shelving for a keyboard, printer and projector.

School desks are not restricted to the classroom anymore. Common areas, libraries, media centers, hallways and lobbies can also include desks, giving students more options to independently work or gather for group projects. With desk surfaces like whiteboard tops, idea sharing and problem solving is encouraged, along with impromptu meetings. Desk styles in these areas can range from mobile tablet arm desks to group learning desks in a variety of shapes and configurations.

These styles are also popular in classrooms as trends move towards more flexible seating. Research supports the benefits of standing desks and sit-to-stand desks, from increased focus to better health. Collaborative desks make group work easier for students and teachers with a variety of shapes that fit together, forming a larger workspace. Many even come equipped with wheels, whiteboard tops and book boxes to hold personal belongings during class.

Open front desks, combo desks and school chair and desk sets combine convenience with function. All three options have distinct benefits making them popular choices in classrooms. When locker space is limited or individual storage space is needed, opting for open front desks is a practical solution. With many open front desks, a book box, or open storage compartment, is located just under the desktop. Many are large enough to hold books, supplies and other personal belongings. Combo desks and school chair and desk sets make purchasing easy, with chairs sized to fit the desk. Two added benefits of combo desks are the optional book racks for storage and the convenience of having chairs always in their place.

You can rely on the product experts at School Outfitters to deliver on all your desk needs, for students and educators.

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