From Outdated Library to Modern Media Center

About this School
Sycamore Community
School District
Cincinnati, OH
School type
Public School
High School
1700 students
The Challenge:

Sycamore High School had a problem. Their existing library was drab, dim and went largely unused. Students went to the library because they had to, not because they wanted to. The space was large and full of potential but the shelves were lined with old periodicals now accessed online and the furniture was no longer conducive to the kind of learning the school prided itself on. When Sycamore approached School Outfitters they had a clear vision for the space but needed help bringing it to life. They dreamed of turning the forgotten space into a bustling hub for learning. The new space they envisioned was a collaborative, comfortable, tech-friendly media center, with a "Starbucks vibe," where students could both socialize and work.

Our Approach:

Sycamore High School and School Outfitters collaborated with the architect to talk colors, design and layout of the space.

Project Goals

Create a "Starbucks vibe" to foster community and collaboration

Choose furniture that is versatile, modern and comfortable

Develop an environment that encourages group work

Provide multiple spots to charge electronics

Together, the team discussed what the students would be using it for and what types of furniture would be most effective. The space needed to foster community and collaboration; the furniture needed to be versatile, modern and comfortable. It needed to encourage group work. And, there needed to be plenty of spots to charge electronics.

To meet these demands, the School Outfitters team chose mobile furniture that could be easily configured for various sized groups, as well as comfortable pieces for reading or studying independently - many of which included built-in power. Sycamore considered three different quotes, each taking budget, aesthetics and function into account. School Outfitters also incorporated a series of exclusive Learniture furnishings - versatile seating that doubles as a work surface and fits together in a number of ways. By using School Outfitters brands, Sycamore could stretch their budget even further to include products that otherwise may not have been possible.

As overarching themes like community and collaboration, versatility and comfort took shape, the School Outfitters team dove into the details. With the architects, School Outfitters ironed out finer points like coordinating product colors and floor tile and exactly how many chairs a space called for. These seamless collaborations allowed the cohesive vision to come through. And thoughtful touches like grommets on tables, wheels on chairs, mobile whiteboards and wall-mounted monitors allowed technology and adaptability to shine.

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The Impact:

Sycamore's new media center now buzzes with activity. The space is transformed as a truly versatile hub with mobile furniture that is easily configured for various sized groups and comfortable pieces for studying independently. The new space is full of students and teachers all day long, and does just what everyone hoped: provides a space for collaboration, education and preparation for the future.

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