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Portable Digital Microscope Camera

Buhl Industries
Portable Digital Microscope Camera

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Portable Digital Microscope Camera Portable Digital Microscope Camera Portable Digital Microscope Camera

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Head Type: LCD screen
Magnification: 10x,40x, for optical; 15x to 200x for digital
Eyepiece: N/A
Stage: N/A
Base Material: N/A
Power Source: Lithium-ion battery
Lighting: 8 adjustable LEDs
Other Info: White balance adjustment, MP4 file output, 1600 x 1200 pixel JPG resolution
Includes: 5 caps: contact cap for soft materials (cloth), contact cap for surface-mounted objects, non-contact surround (insects, flowers), deep-well cap (small objects, water droplets), shallow-well cap for looking at particulate matter (sand, fish eggs)
Also Includes: 2GB micro SD card, battery, image editing software, webcam functionality (Windows 7/Vista/XP only)
Warranty: N/A
Weight: 2.0 lbs.
Shipping Method: UPS

The Portable Digital Microscope Camera by Buhl is a handy way for students to study and document the world around them. The optical zoom lets users zoom in as much as 40x, while the 2GB memory and LED lighting system makes it easy to capture image for later lessons. The 2.8 inch LCD display shows details with impressive clarity. Comes with five lens caps and surrounds for a range of materials and subjects, from hair and cloth, to coins, to water droplets, sand and more. The included software allows for measurements and image editing.


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