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Workbenches & Shop Tables Buying Guide

There is a broad range of workbenches and shop tables on the market, so it's a little mind-boggling trying to figure out which one will suit your needs. Think about these things as you shop for a new workbench or shop table:

Top Material

Workbenches and shop tables are made with a wide variety of top materials for different situations. Depending on your needs, tabletop material might be the most important aspect when choosing the workbench that's right for you. Read a little about each below.

Particleboard - This core material features tiny wood pieces that are pressure-bonded together. Particleboard is affordable and a good choice for light to medium use, but is not as strong as solid plywood. Most particleboard tops have a laminate or melamine covering that is easy to wipe clean.

Wood – One of the strongest workbench cores available, solid wood is durable enough to withstand marring, heat exposure and impacts. The tops are typically thick, solid maple that stays looking great for years.

Plastic Laminate – This top material is affordable, lightweight and non-conductive, so they are perfect for working on electrical appliances. Most of these solid plastic tops have durable laminate coatings for protection against scratches and stains.

Steel – The most enduring top material, steel workbenches and tables hold up to years of heavy use. Strong welds and underside reinforcements ensure increased weight capacities when compared to other top materials.

Anti-static – These plastic tops won't allow static electricity to build up through friction, so you can safely work on electronics.

Hardboard – Also called high-density fiberboard, this material is denser and harder than typical particleboard. The highly compressed wood fibers ensure the top won't crack, split or be easily punctured.


Steel and wood are the most common and most durable frame types amongst workbenches and shop tables. Keep in mind that as the steel gauge decreases, the material strength increases. Solid wood bases feature thick legs and are usually much heavier than metal bases.

Angle iron frames are less common, but are similar to steel in strength and endurance. Resin frames are ideal for mobile workbenches as they are lightweight and resistant to breakage.


Length and width are essential in deciding which workbench or shop table will work for you. Carefully measure the space where you wish to put your furniture to make sure you don't buy a table that's too big or small.

Workbenches and shop tables may also have fixed or adjustable height:

Fixed-height benches and shop tables cannot be adjusted in height. They usually range between about 32 and 36 inches from the ground. They tend to be less expensive than comparable adjustable-height tables.

Adjustable-height shop tables and workbenches can be moved up and down to accommodate people of different sizes, ages and physical abilities. Check product specifications for the exact height range.

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