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Drawing Boards Buying Guide

Drawing boards give your art students a great base whether they're in the classroom or on the move. The models vary from basic boards to boards with lots of built-in accessories. Here are some things you'll want to consider when shopping for a drawing board:


Solid Wood Core - Drawing boards with a solid wood core typically stand up well to wear and tear. They cost a little more than hollow boards and are heavier to carry.

Honeycomb Core – If you're looking for an affordable board that is easy to carry, you should take a look at drawing boards with honeycomb cores. These boards are lightweight so they're a good choice for younger students or classes on the go.


Unfinished - Some drawing boards come with a bare, unfinished surface. While they aren't as attractive as some other boards, unfinished boards are a good choice for schools on a budget.

Melamine Finish - Drawing boards with a melamine finish look good and are a cinch to wipe clean. The finish also helps to protect the board from nicks and scratches.


Straightedge - You'll find some drawing boards have a straightedge built right in. This setup makes it easier to keep track of tools, whether you are on the move or working in the classroom. Most straightedges lock into place, making them a cinch for students of any age to use.

Legs - Legs allow students to adjust the angle by raising one side of the drawing board. Almost all legs come with rubber tips that keep the drawing boards from slipping as you work.

VYCO Board Covers - Protect your drawing board surface with VYCO board covers. These thick vinyl sheets keep your board safe from nicks, scratches and other damage while you work. Choose a color and size that best fits your needs. VYCO board covers also come in rolls for more frequent use.

Use these tips as you shop our selection of drawing boards. Check out all of our styles and other drafting tools by browsing our Drafting Boards and VYCO Board Covers subcategory.

Want to talk to a member of our sales team or need assistance ordering your drawing boards? Give us a call at 1-800-260-2776 - we are happy to help.


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