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Paper Cutters & Paper Trimmers Buying Guide

Shopping a large selection of paper cutters and paper trimmers can be confusing and overwhelming. Check out the points about paper cutters and trimmers below to make your buying decision easier:


Despite working in similar ways, paper cutters and paper trimmers actually serve different purposes.

Paper Cutter - These machines let you cut stacks of 50 to 1,000 sheets of 20 pound paper up to lengths of 41 inches. Most paper cutters feature guillotine cutting heads that operate with a smooth downward motion. Higher capacity paper cutters have hydraulic presses for extra cutting power.

Paper Trimmer - Cut smaller stacks of paper (10 to 50 sheets) in cutting lengths up to 141 inches with paper trimmers. Most paper trimmers also feature guillotine heads for manual operation, although some rotary paper trimmers have electric feeds for easier cutting. Paper trimmers generally allow for more precise cuts and can be used to shape thicker paper stock, posters, plastic and even film.

Cut Length

Paper cutters and trimmers come in a wide range of cut lengths, from 12 inches to over 60 inches. Make sure you know what types of materials you'll be cutting and how long those sheets will be on average, so you can make an informed decision on the paper cutter or trimmer that's right for you. The most common paper cutters feature cut lengths under 24 inches for basic 20 pound sheets, but you can find paper trimmers for large framing mats and poster sheets in cut lengths of 79 inches.

Sheet Capacity

Paper cutters and trimmers offer a variety of sheet capacities, ranging from under 10 sheets to over 40. It is essential to understand how often your new paper cutter or paper trimmer will be used before you make a purchase. Intermittent usage weekly or monthly means you'll only need a paper cutter in the 10 to 20 sheet range, while constant usage on a daily basis should make you consider a high-capacity model.

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