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Café Table & Chairs Sets Buying Guide

Finding the right tables and chairs for your café-style cafeteria or common area can be tough. Keep the following factors in mind when deciding which café table and chairs set is right for you:

Seating Capacity

Seating capacity is typically determined by the shape and size of the table. Pedestal lunch tables are square, round or rectangular and range from 24 to 60 inches in diameter, width or length. Our rectangular table and chair sets can hold up to six people; round and square options hold two or four.


A standard, 29-inch high table is the most versatile choice, because you can interchange your existing school or office chairs with those that come with the set.

At 42 inches, stool-height tables come with café-height chairs or stools. These taller tables and chairs give your room a more contemporary feel.

Chair Style

Laminate chairs add a contemporary modern look. They are scratch- and stain-resistant, and can be easily cleaned with soap and water or any household cleaner.

Polypropylene soft plastic chairs are contoured, offering flexibility for more seating positions. Back venting keeps students and faculty cool and comfortable throughout extended use. They are easily cleaned with soap and water or any household cleaner.


How big is your lunchroom or common area? Make sure there are enough seats for every student and plenty of room between tables. As a general rule, there should be plenty of aisle space between tables. Don't forget to think about doors, columns and other fixed equipment in the room. Each situation is unique, so creating the perfect layout depends on the shape and size of your tables and chairs. As a general rule, rectangle and square tables should be placed 60 inches apart and round tables should be placed 54 inches apart.

Want advice about which café table and chairs set is right for your space? Call our friendly sales team at 1-800-260-2776. We're happy to answer questions or take your order by phone.

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