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Science Scales & Balances Buying Guide

It's important that your science scale has all the features your class needs. To make sure you're getting the most out of your purchase, consider the following elements as you shop:

Mechanical - Mechanical scales are generally cheaper than digital scales because they offer less versatility. They usually offer two units of measurement and are a good choice if you simply need a reliable, accurate weighing device. We offer mechanical beam balances and mechanical spring scales.

Digital – Digital scales are a more versatile option; they normally have several different functions or applications and often include counting and piece weight memory as well as basic weighing. Digital scales are generally smaller than mechanical scales, so they're more easily portable.

Capacity & Readability
Capacity and readability are often given as a single specification that might look something like this: 110 grams x .01 milligrams. This indicates that the scale can hold up to 110 grams and will produce readings accurate to the hundredth of a milligram.

Many science scales can give readings in a variety of units. If this is important to you, check to see if the scale you're looking at can be switched to read a different measurement. The most common units that our science scales measure are ounces, grams and milligrams.

You may want to connect your scale or balance to a computer. Many of our science scales have an RS232 interface that allows bi-directional communication between the scale and a PC.

To learn more about our selection of science scales, click here. You can also make your purchase online; it's fast and easy.

If you have more questions about which science scale to buy, give our sales team a call; we're always happy to help. 1-800-260-2776.

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