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Trophy & Display Cases Buying Guide

Buying a new display case or trophy case for your school is a big decision and there are many points to think about before choosing a model:

There are two main types of display cases:

Wall-mounted display cases are a good choice for showing off smaller items. The cases attach directly to the wall, so they do not take up floor space in crowded lobbies or hallways. Wall-mounted display cases are typically less expensive than freestanding floor models.

Freestanding display cases tend to be larger than wall-mounted display cases and are great for showcasing bigger items like trophies and art work.

Some trophy and display cases come with built-in lights that draw attention to your materials and make them easier to see and read. Consider using lighted display cases in areas of your building that are accessed by the public after school hours. For example, a lighted display case full of trophies and awards would look great outside of the high school gym or auditorium.

Before deciding on the number of shelves you need, think about the size of the items you would like to display. You may want half-width shelves to showcase smaller items; trophies usually require more space for height so you might decide on a case with just one or two full-width shelves. Most cases come with tempered glass shelves. Tempered glass is great for use in a school because it's stronger than standard glass and when broken, shatters into tiny, pebble-like pieces instead of large, dangerous chucks with sharp edges.

Most trophy cases come with either a wood or aluminum frame. Wood frames are more traditional and look great in your library or lobby. Aluminum frames have a contemporary look and tend to be a bit more durable. They are a good choice for crowded hallways and other places where they may take some bumps.

Back Type
Most trophy and display cases come with one of the following back styles:

Loop Fabric Back – This material allows you to hang photos and other items in the case without the use of push pins or staples. Simply attach hook tape to the back of the item you would like to display and press onto the loop fabric.

White Laminate Back – Trophies, artwork and other items will really stand out against a white laminate back. This type of back is easy to maintain because it's washable, colorfast and stain resistant.

Mirror Back – A mirror back adds an elegant touch to your case and really showcases the items on display. It's perfect when displaying art pieces because it shows the back of the items as well as the front.

Cork Back – Want to display photos, bulletins or certificates in your case? A cork back is a good choice because you can repeatedly hang items to it without marring the surface.

Do you prefer sliding or swinging doors? Most large display cases come with sliding doors because of mechanics and safety. Imagine a large glass door swinging into a crowded hallway; not the safest scenario. Some of our wall-mount and smaller display cases do come with swinging doors, which generally make it easier to access your contents. Tempered glass doors are the most popular choice because they are stronger than regular glass.

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