Letter Boards & Directory Boards Buying Guide

Need a way to help guests find their way around your school? Directory boards – also known as changeable letter boards – are a good choice because they are affordable, attractive and easy to change. There are a few points you should consider before buying a directory board, including:

Indoor/Outdoor Use
You may need a directory board that you can use outside, at the entrance to your school or event. Not all directory boards are weather resistant, so be sure the boards you choose are suitable for outdoor use. Indoor-only directory boards usually have a felt board while outdoor directory boards have a vinyl board, aluminum frame and a special backing that keeps moisture from reaching the board. Outdoor enclosed letter boards resist the elements when mounted on a wall under an awning or overhang.

Board Material
Most directory boards are vinyl or covered with felt.

Felt directory boards look professional, but can only be used indoors. Many of the boards are available in several different felt colors.

Vinyl boards are usually weather resistant, so you can use them outside. Check to be sure your vinyl board has a watertight back and an aluminum frame before placing it outdoors.

Frame Material
Directory boards typically come with a wooden or aluminum frame.

Aluminum frames are the best choice for outdoor use because they stand up to rain and other weather conditions without warping. If you are worried that an aluminum frame may look too industrial or harsh, try a directory board with a bronze, painted or satin aluminum frame.

Wooden frames give your directory boards a classic look. Choose from many different finishes to match the decor in your hallway, library or classroom.

Enclosed/Open Boards
If you think vandalism could be a problem, or your board will be displayed after school hours, you might want to consider an enclosed directory board. The enclosed boards have locking acrylic doors, so you don't have to worry about letters being stolen or your message being altered. Open boards allow you to quickly change your message and work well in supervised areas like cafeterias and offices.

A header is a bar that fits above your directory board and includes customized information like your school name. Some directory boards come with a header; headers are also sold separately and can be added above an existing board. Headers can be lighted or unlighted.

Some directory boards come with plastic letter, others require you to buy the letters separately. The plastic letters are inexpensive and come in several different sizes and fonts.

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