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Mobile & Reversible Boards Buying Guide

Need a board for your classroom, but don't have a lot of wall space available? Mobile boards are a good choice because they are easy to move and store. There are lots of different mobile boards out there, so think about these things as you shop:

Board Type
Most mobile boards are reversible, so you can save the notes you've written by just flipping to the second side when the first is full. Choose the same board material on both sides or a different material for each side.

Melamine Markerboard – Markerboards are generally made of one of two materials, melamine or porcelain on steel. Melamine boards cost less than porcelain boards, but are not as durable. Melamine markerboards do not accept magnets.

Magnetic Markerboard – Searching for a markerboard that will look good after years of daily use? Magnetic markerboards are made of porcelain on steel, so they resist scratches and are easy to wipe clean. Magnetic markerboards, of course, accept magnets.

Porcelain-On-Steel Blackboard – Porcelain-on-steel boards are so strong that they typically carry a 50-year warranty. The blackboard surface accepts magnets so you can hang maps and other visual aids without pins or staples. There is no need to "chalk in" your board; it's ready to use as soon as you take it out of the box.

High-Pressure Laminate Blackboard – This type of board is not as durable as porcelain-on-steel blackboards, but costs quite a bit less. Unlike the porcelain-on-steel boards, the high-pressure laminate blackboards do not accept magnets. You will also need to "chalk in" your board before writing on it. This is a simple process where you rub the side of a stick of chalk across the board and then erase. The remaining chalk dust helps the chalk adhere as you write. You will need to "chalk in" the blackboard every time it is washed clean.

Corkboard – Tack instructions, memos and homework assignments to the corkboard side of your mobile reversible board and use the other side to write lecture notes.

Frame Material
Most mobile boards have a wood or aluminum frame.

Aluminum frames are pricier than wood frames, but tend to be a bit stronger. They are a good choice, since mobile boards are moved and repositioned so often.

Wood frames have a classic look that you may prefer in your classroom. Though not as strong as aluminum frames, wood frames are usually more affordable.

Specialty Boards
Some specialty mobile boards come with pre-marked music staff lines. The staff lines are permanent, so you don't have to bother with drawing them at the beginning of each class. The boards come with lines on one or both sides.

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