Stack Chairs Buying Guide

Looking for a good stack chair? There are many styles of stack chairs out there, so choosing the right one for your situation can be a bit confusing. Think about these things before you buy:

Seat Material
There are several different seat materials to choose from, including upholstered fabric, upholstered vinyl, plastic and wood.

Upholstered stack chairs have a more formal look than plastic stack chairs, making them a popular choice in banquet rooms and lobbies. Stack chairs usually have fabric or vinyl upholstery that covers a foam pad. The thickness of the pad varies greatly from chair to chair.

Fabric Upholstery is the most formal looking stack chair seat material. Many people prefer fabric upholstery because it is softer and causes less "sweating" than vinyl.

Vinyl Upholstery is typically less expensive than fabric upholstery and quite a bit easier to keep clean. Stack chairs with vinyl upholstery are a good choice for settings that include food. It takes much less effort to wipe spaghetti sauce off a vinyl-upholstered chair than it does to scrub away at a fabric-upholstered chair.

Plastic stack chairs are lightweight and durable, so many people choose to use them where temporary seating is needed. You'll probably pay a little less for plastic stack chairs, too.

Wood stack chairs offer a classic look to your classroom décor, but they're generally more expensive than plastic chairs. Wood stack chairs are durable and will generally withstand years of wear-and-tear.

Base Style
Stack chairs have standard four-leg bases or sled bases. Sled bases are a good choice for carpeted floors, because there are no legs to snag the carpet. Some people prefer the traditional look of a stack chair with legs, and there are many models of this style available.

Stack chairs come with a separate back and seat configuration or a one-piece, bucket configuration. They may also come with or without arms for additional support. Both types are stackable and the final choice is usually a matter of personal preference.

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