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School Chair & Desk Sets

It's important to find the right workspace and seating arrangement for your classroom. Here's some information to help you decide which desk and chair set is right for you:

Desk Type

Open-front desks feature a rectangular top with a book box underneath for storage. This style gives students easy to access materials and has no lid to bang or slam.

Two-student desks are designed to accommodate two students. These desks have a roomy top, so each student has space to get their work done.

Collaborative desks are also known as group-learning desks and come in a variety of shapes. These come in shapes made to group together, such as trapezoid- or boomerang-shaped desks that fit together in groups of six or eight.

Desk Material

Desk tops are made of either solid plastic or fiberboard. Solid plastic is more durable. Fiberboard is less expensive but still holds up nicely.

Book boxes come in either plastic or metal construction. Metal holds up longer under heavy use, but a plastic book box still provides years of use. If your classroom uses locker, cubby or cart storage, desks without book boxes may be the right choice for you.

Desk frames are made from tubular steel. Steel strength is measured by gauge; the lower the gauge, the stronger the steel.

Desk Leg Type

Casters are ideal for certain situations (such as labs or flexible classrooms) where students frequently rearrange their work stations. In those instances consider wheeled desks since they are easier to move.

Glides prevent excess noise when sliding your desk over a hard floor. Glides keep your chair level and prevent scratches on linoleum or tears in carpet. Cantilever desks are a modern alternative to traditional leg frames. They offer increased space underneath the desk for storing backpacks, books or other supplies.

Chair Type

Soft plastic school chairs, sometimes called polypropylene, or anti-static plastic, are lightweight and easy to move around the classroom. The flexibility of this seat material provides better contouring to body posture than other chair materials and offers a more comfortable seat.

Active learning stools work best for energetic students. The textured, non-slip rubber base is curved to allow a wide range of movement without disrupting the class.

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