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Lecterns & Podiums Buying Guide

Looking for a lectern for your school or office? The right one can ensure that any presentation goes off without a hitch. Here are some points to consider before you shop:


Tabletop Lecterns fit well on a table or desk to create an elevated surface that holds notes and presentation materials. These are more affordable than floor lecterns and still draw the audience's focus onto the speaker. Since tabletop lecterns are less than half the size, they are easier to move around the classroom. Some even fold up to save storage space.

Floor Lecterns are stand-alone but cost more than tabletop lecterns. These are impressive to large audiences and look more professional. You'll find two types of floor lecterns below:

Adjustable-Height lecterns are useful if you'll be hosting presenters of various ages and sizes. These podiums adjust easily, usually with a turnable knob, from about 31 inches to 52 inches high.

Fixed-Height – Consider a fixed-height podium if your speakers are approximately the same size. That way there'll be no set-up time or fussing with knobs.

Built-In Sound

No-Sound lecterns are much less expensive and work well if you already have a public address system or will only be hosting smaller audiences.

Sound lecterns can be pricey, but is well worth it. Consider a built-in PA system if you have large audiences and use your lectern often. Make sure your system includes the following:

Speakers – Audio lecterns come with up to four built-in speakers. Many have line-out jacks so you can hook up additional speakers.

Amplifier – Sound lecterns include a self-contained amplifier. Most range from 30 to 50 watts, which should be more than enough. A 50-watt amplifier can accommodate audiences up to 3,000 people and 30 watts accommodates up to 900. If you'll be recording speeches and lectures, look for one with a hook up for external audio sources.

Power Source – Most lectern sound systems have the ability to operate on both AC and DC power. You can hook up the system to any standard wall unit for AC power; hook it up to a rechargeable battery for DC power.

Microphone – For your convenience, many sound lecterns come with a wireless mic and a handheld mic that attaches with a gooseneck arm. Most powered lecterns have at least two mic inputs, and you can always purchase additional microphones if necessary.


You'll find podiums in a variety of different materials to suit your needs. Simpler, more affordable lecterns are made from tubular steel bases with a plywood core top. Traditional podiums are wood or laminated fiberboard and come in attractive finish colors. You'll even find lecterns made from clear acrylic.


Reading Lights attach to podiums and make it easier for presenters to see in dark auditoriums.

Rechargeable Batteries can be charged ahead of time so you can move your audio lectern anywhere in your school.

Extension Speakers – Additional speakers can increase your sound coverage in outdoor venues or large auditoriums.

Check out our selection of Lecterns and Podiums. Still not sure which lectern would work best in your school? Call 1-800-260-2776. Our friendly sales team is happy to help you find the perfect fit.

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