Athletic Lockers Buying Guide

Athletic lockers are used by student athletes in your locker room before the big game, and by other students for gym class. Here are some important points to consider when purchasing athletic lockers:

Athletic lockers are almost always constructed from steel, but instead of solid doors they often have an open front or perforated doors to keep sweaty gym clothes well ventilated. Steel is durable and less expensive than other locker materials, but not all steel has the same strength – the lower the gauge, the stronger the steel. You'll find that the door material is usually stronger than the body, as doors tend to take more abuse.

You can order most lockers assembled or unassembled, but certain models only come assembled. Ordering assembled lockers saves you time, while ordering unassembled lockers is less expensive. Remember, if you order a locker that is already assembled, you will still need to install it in your locker room.

Locker units can have a one-column or three-column configuration. Since three-column lockers have one frame and share interior walls, they cannot be split apart.

Hallowell Three-Wide Double-Tier Gym Lockers

Number of Openings
Depending on locker configuration and the number of tiers, or levels, locker units can house as few as one or as many as 18 openings. For example, a three-column, six-tiered locker unit will have 18 openings. The number of total openings is listed in the specifications for each locker unit.

Door Features
Not all athletic lockers have doors, but for the ones that do there are a couple of things to consider:

What kind of locking method does it have? Single-point locking is a method in which locking takes place only where the door latches. Multi-point locking, or three-point locking, typically uses movable rods to secure the top and bottom of the door as well.

You'll also want to consider what kind of locks your lockers will accept. Most lockers include a way to accept combination or padlocks, often with the addition of a simple padlocking hole.

Hallowell Recruiter Wood Sports Locker

Interior Features
Many athletic lockers include coat rods, coat hooks and hat shelves. Deeper lockers with fewer tiers tend to have more of these features than those that aren't as deep or have a lot of tiers. You'll also find open-front athletic lockers with foot lockers and locking storage boxes.

Most athletic lockers come standard with six inch legs, but there are others with no legs at all. Keep in mind that there are often two height dimensions listed in the product specifications—one with legs and one without legs. Be sure to plan accordingly when measuring your space.

Some lockers also include an option to purchase touch-up paint or add built-in combination locks and number plates. All of the accessories listed in this guide can also be purchased here, in our Locker Room Benches & Accessories subcategory.

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