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Cash Management Buying Guide

Keeping your coins and bills organized can be a difficult task. Cash management devices let you quickly and easily sort your money while eliminating counterfeits. The following criteria will help you decide on the best device for your circumstances:


Bill Sorter/Counter - This device counts your paper bills quickly and accurately. An LED display and multiple counting modes allow you to count bills in batches or by total value.

Coin Sorter/Counter – Count your coins and wrap them at the same time using a coin counter/sorter. Simple button controls and multiple coin tubes let you sort your coin collection with accuracy.

Counterfeit Detector - Ensure all of your cash is authentic using a counterfeit detector. While most bill sorters have built-in counterfeit detection, this device is dedicated to helping you find counterfeit bills with multiple modes:

• Ultraviolet - This method of detection lets you easily see artificial images and unusual ink bleed on bank notes. UV detection is very reliable because it doesn't allow for human error.

• Infrared - With infrared lighting, you can easily see the watermarks present in real bills.

• Magnetic Ink - Some detectors and counters have built-in MG detection, allowing you to detect magnetic compounds found only in authentic bills.

• Color Spectrum Analysis - This sophisticated method examines bills for proper color and ink clarity. Counterfeit bills often have colored threads printed over the top of the bill instead of being part of the paper itself.

• Magnification - If you are familiar with specific marks and symbols found on authentic currency, manual magnification lets you detect them with the naked eye. This method is less reliable than automated detection, but is helpful for unusual bill types.

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