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Computer Tables Buying Guide

Consider the following points as you search for computer tables for your school or home:


Height is one thing to think about when shopping for computer tables. Is your table for young students or teens and adults? Many computer tables have adjustable height so they can be moved to fit lots of different people. Be sure the computer table meets ADA requirements if you want students in wheelchairs to be able to use it.

Work Stations – Do you prefer each student to have his or her own table or would you like to save space and have multiple students work at the same computer table? Choose from many different configurations to best fit your classroom and teaching style.


Most computer tables come with a laminate top which works well in most computer labs. Laminate is easy to wipe clean and resists scratches pretty well. The legs and frame of computer tables are usually made of steel. Keep in mind that the lower the gauge, the stronger the steel. For example, a 14-gauge steel frame is stronger and sturdier than a 24-gauge steel frame.

Casters & Glides

If you plan on frequently moving your computer equipment or rearranging your classroom, you should consider shopping for a computer table with casters. The casters make it easier for you to move an entire computer system instead of disconnecting wires and moving each piece separately. Glides adjust to keep your computer tabletop level and make it easier for you to move your table short distances across carpet.


Accessories help you create the best computer table for your situation. Be sure to check out which accessories are available with each computer table. Some accessories come standard, while others have an additional charge.

CPU Holder – A CPU holder attaches to the legs of your computer table and keeps your tower off of the floor and out of the way of feet and bags.

Surge Protectors – Keeps your computer equipment from shorting out when a " power surge" occurs. Anything from lightning to the starting up of electrical devices can create a surge that, without a protector, can cause you to lose important files stored on your hard drive. You can add a surge protector to most computer tables.

Grommets – Pass cords from your computer system to the outlet right through the tabletop with a cord grommet. Some computer tables have multiple cord grommets.

Cord Management Bin – Messy computer cords can be annoying and dangerous. Cord management bins typically run the width of the computer table and are an inexpensive way to keep your cords organized.

Do you have questions about which computer table is right for you? Our friendly sales team is happy to help. Just give us a call at 1-800-260-2776 for product information, a price quote or to place a phone order. Or, view our selection of Computer Tables and order online.


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