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Folding Tables Buying Guide

There are so many folding tables on the market that it's a little mind-boggling trying to figure out which is right for you. Think about these things as you shop for a new folding table:

Top Material
Most folding table tops are made of particleboard, plywood or plastic. Different situations and budgets call for different folding table top materials. Read a little about each below.

Particleboard is made up of tiny wood pieces that are bonded together. Particleboard is affordable and a good choice for light to medium use, but is not as strong as solid plywood. Most particleboard tops have a laminate or melamine covering that is easy to wipe clean.

Plywood is one of the strongest folding table cores available. It's so durable that you can use it in your most active classrooms and conference rooms. The plywood is typically covered with a high-pressure laminate.

Plastic tables are affordable, easy to carry and weather-resistant, so they are perfect for outdoor events. Most plastic tables are blow-molded, which means the top is hollow, not solid plastic. This makes for a much lighter table that is a cinch to move and set up.

Almost all folding tables have steel legs, but the strength of the steel varies. Be sure to check the gauge of the steel and remember that the lower the gauge, the stronger the steel. Folding tables at department stores may be a little cheaper, but they usually are made of high-gauge steel that doesn't stand up well to heavy use.

Folding tables may have fixed or adjustable height.

Fixed-Height tables cannot be adjusted in height and the adult-sized models are usually about 29"-30" from the ground. They tend to be less expensive than comparable adjustable-height folding tables.

Adjustable-Height tables can be moved up and down to accommodate people of different sizes, ages and physical abilities. Check product specifications for the exact height range.

Folding Table Dolly
Folding tables are popular with janitors and maintenance crews because they are easy to move, set up and store with the use of a table dolly. Some folding tables only work on specific dollies, so be sure to check for compatibility before placing your order.

Table Seating Capacity
When determining a table's seating capacity, consider both the size of the people who will be using the table (adults take up more room than children, for starters) and the activity being performed. High school students working on art projects will likely need more room than youngsters eating lunch. Also, keep in mind situations like training sessions where only one side of the table will be used.

The table below lists capacity ranges for tables of various shapes and sizes. If you're trying to fit younger kids around a table (ages 3 to 8), you can generally seat to maximum capacity. If the tables are for arts and crafts or group testing, make sure to seat fewer people to give them extra space for supplies.
Table ShapeTable SizeCapacity
Rectangle18" x 36"1-2
18" x 48", 18" x 60" or 24" x 30"2
24" x 36"2-3
18" x 72"3
24" x 48", 30" x 36" or 30" x 42"3-4
18" x 96"4
24" x 60" or 30" x 48"4-5
24" x 72" or 30" x 60"5-6
24" x 96", 30" x 72" or 36" x 60"6-8
36" x 72" or 42" x 60"7-9
30" x 96"8-10
36" x 96"8-10

Table Spacing
You'll also want to make sure that there's enough room between tables. This may limit the amount of tables that will fit in your space and could reduce the amount of people you can accommodate. Try to leave about 54 inches between round tables, 60 inches between square tables and allow 48 inches for aisles.

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