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Picnic Tables Buying Guide

Picnic tables come in a variety of styles and sizes, with unique features and advantages. Keep the following factors in mind to help you decide which one is right for you:

Frame Style & Finish

Most manufacturers use recycled plastic, concrete, wood, steel or aluminum. The following will help you decide which frame is right for you.

Recycled plastic is longer-lasting and lacks the complications of wood tables such as splinters, rotting or chipping of paint.

Concrete is sturdy and lessens the possibility of theft. It is also weather-resistant and insect-resistant.

Wood is a natural material, meaning it's earth-friendly. Wood tables are also typically less commercial looking.

Steel is weather-resistant, offers good water drainage during rainy months and is longer-lasting than the average table. The thermoplastic finish on steel tables can be applied in many colors and is easily repaired with basic tools. On steel tables, you'll be able to choose from two metal types: expanded metal and perforated metal. Expanded metal is fed through a machine, flattened and stretched to form a lattice pattern. Expanded metal is less expensive than perforated metal but more institutional looking. Perforated metal is flattened and stamped with holes. This metal is more expensive than expanded metal, but offers a more stylized look.

Aluminum resists rust and is lighter than the average table. Aluminum is the best option for tables that will be moved frequently.

Mounting Options

There are three mounting options for our picnic tables:

Portable - these tables can be moved at anytime and are typically lightweight.
Surface-Mounted - these tables are bolted to the ground but can be moved with the use of basic tools.
In-Ground - these tables are permanently mounted, and need to be installed by digging a footing-hole which is filled with concrete.

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