Science & Lab Tables Buying Guide

The right lab workstation helps your experiments and demonstrations run smoothly. Science tables come in a variety of configurations, so here are some points to consider that will help you pick the best one:

Top Material
Tables with plastic laminate tops are best used in art classes and lower elementary science classes. High-pressure laminate tops protect particleboard cores. These won't resist chemicals, but do resist chipping and scratching.

ChemArmor/ChemGuard – Many manufacturers offer "in-between" science tables that are laminate but have chemically resistant surfaces. These types of tops are best in elementary and middle school science classes.

Acid Resistant tables resist chemicals, acids, stains and water. These tables are easy to clean, durable enough for typical science classes and won't chip, crack or peel.

Epoxy Resin is your most durable choice. Thermofused epoxy resin resists most chemicals, heat and moisture. Epoxy resin tops are used primarily in high schools and often in universities or industrial applications.

Base Material
Solid Wood table legs and bases (such as oak and maple) are not just attractive; they make for an extremely sturdy workstation.

Steel table legs with oak veneer bases and panels are sure to stand up to heavy use in your science lab. Plus, all of these tables are ADA-compliant.

Laminate – Much like laminate tops, workstations with laminate bases are better for general use and lower elementary science classes. Laminate workstations are more affordable but do not resist chemicals.

Table/workstation – You'll find different configurations of science tables and workstations that accommodate up to eight students. Make sure you take into consideration how much space each student will need to take notes and conduct experiments. You can get lab workstations in a variety of styles to fit your classroom—multi-student workstations, center workstations and perimeter workstations.

Sink – Many tables and lab stations include at least one sink with gas and water fixtures. Most often the sinks are made entirely of epoxy resin, so they will hold up as long as your tabletop. You'll even find sinks with self-contained plumbing systems so you won't need to worry about installation.

Mobile workstations usually have all the great features of stationary ones, and these work well in classrooms with limited space. Locking casters keep them firmly in place.

Workstation with Storage – Don't forget about your storage needs. You'll find workstations with lockable book boxes, cabinets and drawers so you can protect your valuable supplies.

Demonstration Mirrors mount on crossbars above a science table or workstation. That way, students in the back can see your lab demonstrations from different angles.

You can mount Lab Hands into rod sockets in your table or workstation. A steel platform on top of a rod elevates textbooks and laptops from the work surface, keeping them away from damaging chemicals and increasing space to take notes.

Adjustable-Height Tables – You'll find ADA-compliant adjustable-height tables that raise and lower via either a hand crank or power lift. This helps you provide workstations for students of all abilities.

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