Nature has its own form of sanitizer with ultraviolet, or UVC, light from the sun. When harnessed properly, these same rays can effectively kill germs in minutes by damaging their DNA chain. Due to the effectiveness in destroying bacteria and viruses, in even the smallest openings, UV disinfectants have long been in use in hospital settings. The good news is that this form of sanitation is also available for consumer use with equipment that is both lightweight and portable. Now schools, offices, restaurants, stores and homes can easily disinfect shared surfaces and objects using this same technology, minimizing the waste associated with traditional wipes. Commonly touched surfaces like desktops, door handles, sinks, toilets, keyboards, toys, mobile phones and keys can be effectively cleaned and ready for the next user in minutes, while not causing any harm. When used correctly, portable UV light sanitizers are quick and effective tools in preventing the spread of germs on shared items and surfaces.

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