The preschool classroom is a high energy learning environment. Students at this age learn through play and creating with their hands with crayons, paint and clay. All this activity means toys, craft supplies and school furnishings have been touched by many small hands throughout a typical day. The arrival of COVID-19 has produced a new landscape for education where infection control measures can be initiated at any time. Fortunately, there are highly effective products to combat the spread of harmful microorganisms like UV disinfection lights. Ultraviolet, or UV, light is a popular disinfecting method hospitals use on high-touch surfaces. Now schools can use this same effective technology in the classroom. Shortwave ultraviolet light, known as UVC, renders bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms harmless by damaging the DNA and RNA. UV disinfection lights can easily clean high-touch surfaces in a preschool classroom, plus sanitize toys, craft supplies and shared items whenever needed. Choose from lightweight, portable wands to cabinet-style options.
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