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Sanitizing Equipment

Cafeterias and food courts are places where students, employees and customers purchase and eat meals, many times using their hands rather than utensils. To help fight the spread of germs, these areas most not only be cleaned, but sanitized frequently. Plus, individuals must have the ability to wash their hands before eating, too. School Outfitters has a line of sanitizing equipment to keep both dining areas and people germ-free. For tables, seating and other surfaces choose UV disinfection lights. UV is the same technology used in hospitals to render bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms harmless. Universal cleaners are effective disinfectants for cash registers, credit card readers, scales and other electronic equipment. Hand sanitizers, sanitizer stations and portable sinks are easily added to cafeterias and food courts. People can minimize touch contamination opportunities because handwashing capabilities are right in proximity of their food. When leaving cafeterias and food courts, the same equipment can be used, as well.

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