Boards & Signage

Cafeterias are a busy place throughout the school day. While the highest traffic might be at lunchtime, there is always a morning and after school crowd, too. Keep the flow of traffic moving with the help of a variety of boards and signage. Typical boards found in a cafeteria or food service area include whiteboards and bulletin boards due to their versatility. Menus change on a daily basis so whiteboards, that are either wall-mounted or mobile, can be strategically placed for students and staff to see as they enter the cafeteria. Mobile whiteboards can also be used elsewhere if there is a meeting or other informal gathering where a writing surface is needed. Bulletin boards, also known at corkboards or tackboards, are great for news, information or other announcements. While not as easy to change should a menu item no longer be availalbe, these boards can be decorated with themes to add a bit of flair to the cafeteria or food service space.

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