There are specific areas in a school or business where students and employees can take advantage of a variety of technologies. In schools, this area is commonly referred to as a computer lab. For first year students, becoming acquainted with the school's laptops or tablets and the software used requires proper training. This training happens in a computer lab where a teacher provides instruction and students practice using their new device and software. Likewise in a company training room, new employees can be on-boarded while situated in front of computers. This helps in learning the company's various systems of operation, best practices and other important information. Both rooms require the right chairs to support the work being accomplished. Chairs that are versatile, comfortable and easy to move. School Outfitters has several great chair options for computer labs and training rooms including to specifically designed for use while working on a computer with lumbar support, adjustable heights and wheels. We also have chairs that stack for easy storage and transporting. This helps ensure there is plenty of seating to accommodate smaller or larger groups. If tables are also needed, opting for table and chair sets or tablet arm chairs helps streamline the buying process. With sets, the chairs are pre-selected to fit the table, taking the guesswork out of ordering separately. Opting for chairs with attached tablet arms is a great choice for students to use with their tablets or laptops. Many encourage collaborating with wheels for easy mobility.

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