Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Students, teachers and staff can wear personal protection equipment, or PPE, to help prevent the spread of germs. Simple items like face masks, face shields and lab and safety goggles create a barrier that works to stop the airborne transmission of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms from passing from person to person, plus prevent the wearer from touching their face with potential germs. Our face masks are available with ear loops or ties in both child and adult sizes. For added convenience, all are reusable when washed correctly between uses and can be purchased in bulk packs. Face shields cover the entire face rather than just the mouth and nose like with face masks. This type of PPE not only safeguards the wearer from air borne germs but from chemical splashes in the school lab. Face shields can be sized to fit and have comfort straps for extended wearing. The clear front provides unobstructed viewing and can be easily sanitized between uses. To protect the eyes, lab and safety goggles can be worn. Both are available in child and adult sizes in several styles.
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