School buildings are bursting with activity throughout the day. All this activity requires healthy environments to ensure learning is maximized. Studies show that indoor air tends to be more polluted than outdoor air as buildings are more energy efficient than ever. Toxins from furniture, floor coverings and cleaning supplies are released into the air. Older school buildings can have mold and poor ventilation which only further contaminates the air students, teachers and staff breathe in each day. Countless studies reveal the correlation between air quality and learning. To help remedy this situation, many learning environments have chosen to add air purifiers to key areas. The styles that School Outfitters carries can be seamlessly integrated into an existing ventilation system and are sized to fit small, medium and large spaces. They also come equipped with True-HEPA filters which can remove small particles at 0.3 microns - the size of many airborne bacteria and viruses. An easy-to-read control panels displays air quality levels, so occupants know the air is clean.

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