Preschool STEM

Early learners in preschool experience STEM in their classrooms. STEM, an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, is actually something that children are exposed to even before preschool. Building blocks, home technology and problem solving take place on a day to day basis with children, so incorporating STEM in preschools serves to enhance that learning in creative ways.

At School Outfitters, we strive to incorporate innovative design into our preschool STEM furniture with features like removable storage, rounded corners, lower heights and bins. We also ensure that our exclusive brand, Sprogs, is compliant with CPSIA, the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act, and Greenguard Certified, by the UL Environment, for extra protection. Our Preschool STEM Kits have been carefully selected to bring a diverse array of learning sets that emphasize the four STEM disciplines. Plus, our STEM rugs help complete the look in any classroom. Preschool children and teachers benefit with furniture and equipment that is highly functional and conducive to this integrative approach to learning.

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