In any school building there are hallways everywhere. Hallways that lead to classrooms, hallways at entrances and hallways off hallways. There are also common areas or spaces that connect hallways and are found near entrances. Depending on the size of the school building and campus it can be a maze, especially for visitors. Message holders and floor stands are easy ways to help welcome visitors, but also guide foot traffic to certain rooms where events, meetings or classes are taking place in the building. Simple messages indicating which room or direction to take can be a big help for those who are unfamiliar with the school. The signs can be engraved with common phrases such as "Exit" or "Please Enter Here," available as customizable letterboards, dry erase panels or frames to add your own signage. Low profile floor stands make placing your message holders anywhere it can been seen. Each are lightweight, yet sturdy enough not to tip over.

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