Banquet Tables & Café Tables

Cafeterias in many schools are also used to host special events like dances and fundraisers. To accommodate this flexible space schools will use banquet tables and cafe tables. Banquet tables are either rectangular or circular in shape and vary in length and diameter. The size of the cafeteria and how the tables will be used can help determine the best shape to purchase. All banquet tables can be folded to more easily store, carry and assemble.

Cafe tables are typically smaller in size and can be round, square or rectangular. These tables are considered more elegant and can be taller than a standard table. It is also common to see them used to serve food and drinks at events. Sometimes the word pedestal table is used interchangeably with a cafe table, but it is designed quite differently. A pedestal table has a central column for support rather than four table legs.

The set up and take down of tables can be time consuming without the convenience of a table dolly. We also carry a great selection of various dollies to suit whatever type table you choose for your cafeteria space.

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