Please note: The following products are not weatherproof and require indoor storage after use.

When a school or teacher decides to move a classroom outdoors there can be many items that need go along, too. To help make the transition smooth a cart can be extremely handy. This unique learning environment requires carts that are equipped to handle the terrain, plus the material and equipment needing to be moved. Popular cart choices for these situations include folding chair dollies, rolling shelf carts, stackable chair dollies and teaching carts. Dollies are a big time saver when a multitude of chairs need to be transported outside for students and teacher use. The compact nature of these dollies makes maneuvering them easy. Rolling shelf carts and teaching carts assist educators with the material used in an outdoor classroom. This learning environment could be temporary location on the school grounds or a new extension of the school in the green spaces surrounding the building. Rolling shelf carts resemble utility carts with raised sides on each shelf to prevent items from sliding off, larger wheels for greater maneuverability and heavy-duty construction to withstand a variety of uses. Teacher carts help educators with their lessons. These carts can be makeshift workstations that also hold a computer or removable bin storage carts for students to access supplies.

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