Playground swings are a common sight found in many outdoor spaces where children play. The simple motion of back and forth helps to build skills children will use their entire life. These skills include both fine and gross motor skills, balance, coordination and building their core strength. The simple act of swinging with pumping legs, running and jumping help develop large motor skills. Likewise, gripping the swing builds fine motor skills. Staying on the swing and manually pumping their legs to create the swinging motion all contribute to a child's balance, coordination and overall core strength. The benefits of playground swings to a child's overall development are numerous. At School Outfitters you will find swings with strap seats, toddler seats, sets with two and up to eight swings, infant swings, ADA swings, wheelchair platform swings and more. We also carry those little extras like replacement swings, swing hangers, wheelchair pull hangers so a child can make the swing move themselves.

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